Founding Partner & Chief Sales Officer

(817) 332-0011

In keeping with his role as Chief Sales Officer, Andrew Sage is a fierce competitor who won’t stop until he’s converted clients into what he calls “raving fans.” Not surprisingly, one of his favorite quotes is that “Treat the client as if they pay your mortgage, because they do!”

Andrew knows how to win and says it starts with listening and connecting with people. “Early in my career I saw that companies were more focused on telling the client what they needed instead of listening to their needs. This resulted in a gradual decline in the level of service and was not acceptable to me – I knew there was a better way.”

Andrew’s entrepreneurial spirit was inspired by his father, a doctor with his own practice who once told his son that an “An entrepreneur is someone who sees opportunity where others don’t.” This led Andrew to start lawn and firewood businesses before he was old enough to drive. After graduating from Texas Christian University, his first job was in pharmaceutical sales where he benefited from “some of the best sales training I could have received.”

A believer in setting and achieving goals, Andrew constantly re-evaluates Broadwing Aviation’s services, processes and markets “to ensure the company is doing everything possible to support clients in the way they need and want to be supported.”


  • Early in his career, Andrew decided that he would be willing to sacrifice more than his competition to meet the client’s needs, and that this drive and skill would make him one of the best salespeople in any industry.
  • He is an avid salt and fresh water fisherman and hunter, and enjoys boating, scuba diving and reading. He is also involved in cross training.